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new Playlis by me

2008-05-25 10:06:45 by nintendo555

MyVideo Play list <div class="blogmedia">
<!-- Video embed code - don't edit this, or it will break and you'll have this ugly stuff in your blog post! -->
<div id="embed_2154">.</div><script type="text/javascript">/* <![CDATA[ */ $('embed_2154').update(new FlashWriter(' /vjVQa1PpcFMNmGc6P_0sQw5kF2RdIhH9tJ1tn dsILSE=', 780, 445).ToString()); /* ]]> */ </script>


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2008-05-25 10:22:38

ehm... it's not working?


2008-05-25 11:34:24

Do you need help posting the video?


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